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Aggressive marking - Tackling

Aggressive marking is characterized by strength, intensity, reaction speed and determination It is often considered risky, but it is 100% effective if you can read the signsand intervene only when necessary.

When to decisively intervene

1) When I'm close to the opponent, he makes a ball contact away from him, thus losing complete control of the ball

2) When I'm close to the opponent and at some point he turns his back on me and the net

3) When the opponent drives the ball very close to the line "The line is our teammate"

4) When the opponent is ready to score in the box (I try not to make a penalty but if it is in an obvious position for a goal or with an empty net then I take the risk)

Sliding Tackle :

* CAUTION * Sliding tackle should be the last choice of the defender and should be attempted under special conditions of strategy and expediency such as:

Time (Last phase of the game) Qualifying in knockout round (for example -5 minutes before the end of the game and goal difference 2 goals - tackle before the opponent's shot in an empty net) Sentencing (receiving a yellow or red card to serve his sentence in the next match and "clear" from cards) Tackling as the last player, behind and next to the opponent *


Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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