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Importance of Decision Speed

Importance of Decision Speed

In modern football speed is very important, but the most important thing is “decision speed”. Xavi Hernandez is a great example. Though he was not the fastest player, he controlled his surroundings before receiving the ball, had a perfect peripheral vision and his creativity was on a top level. This way he was able to find solutions in the game faster than any player with higher agility, acceleration or pace.

Above we give an example of how to improve this skill.

“The fastest player is not the one who runs the fastest, but the one who solves the game’s problems the fastest”

Cesar Luis Menotti

Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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