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The effects of closed academies in Greece

The effects of closed academies in Greece

The most important implications for me concern the psyche of children. The lack of socialization and relaxation of children's biological needs leads children to alienation and depressive behaviors. I wish I could deny, however, that the children of "today" will become adults with emotional gaps. Gaps that they do not fill easily. Gaps that are imprinted and engraved in the soul of every child. Fear, doubt, low self-esteem and the unknown landscape that prevails around will be emotions strongly and deeply rooted in them. The biological and professional development of the youth of "tomorrow" will be brutally hit and unfortunately it will not be the children's fault. The children did not ask. They did not ask us either that we deal with and serve faithfully by spending endless hours staring at them. What will we tell them when we meet them again. You forgot us will say. They will be right, but you will have to give the answer. You who forgot them.

As far as the purely football part is concerned, the impact on development football will be huge. Much bigger than their financial disasters amateur and semi-professional bodies. The very young ages miss the most important years, both in educational level at school and at football. This is because at younger ages the goal and end is education (or at least it should be) and not the result of a struggle. Almost two years have passed since the lack of training and realistic stimuli that the children would encounter on the field. Academies produce work. They form characters and lay the foundations for tomorrow's footballer. These years are precious because the first ones are created motor patterns that are imprinted in the subconscious and in the memory of children, thus creating step by step all those football habits - movements that compose the puzzle of a complete soccer player. To create a football habit like "I look back before I get the ball" will have to be done many times in a row keeping the motor adaptations, evolving existing skills and creating new ones. These football habits should be done on the field, with the ball on foot in realistic conditions and environment. Not on the laptop, not in words, but in deeds.

Older children are less affected because the training process is not just about education but also about workout. The first piece Of course it was destroyed, but a child 15+ in the previous years had the opportunity to learn and train the basic individual and sub-group technical-tactical elements. Possible group tactics and patterns are lost in time but if there is the training background of previous years then the problem is less. The second part also concerns physical condition and strength. An organized academy and a coach with appetite and knowledge can create one training program for athletes that they can do alone at home or in the yard. The risks involved in older people are mainly extra-competitive such as addictions and abuse. Sport keeps you firmly away from anything "sick" both literally and figuratively, and this is the most important medicine and mark of those who deal with it.

As for the viability of the academies, you understand that things are desperate there as well. There was and is no clear reintegration plan and program. I am afraid that the children in the academies will be fewer and without personal motivation. Motivation and stability in these activities have been lost. The value was lost of team sports in the eyes of both children and their parents. Society shows disrespect and left us last. Subconsciously the message that passes is the insignificance of sport. Academies and sports last. We are the only state where children do not play. Explanations must be given. Must we admit our mistakes so as not to be last again.

During the incarceration period I had meetings with the children because I wanted to keep in touch and support them as much as I could behind a screen. We did some recreational and educational activities with quizzes, videos and coaching questions to objectives that have been achieved or will be achieved in the future. What was observed was the gradual search for new activities outside the home and the progressive lack of interest in distance interaction.

The schools were opened for a short period of time and the lessons were basically held through a screen. Understand that, although football lessons take place in the same place, on the same screen and in the same chair without changing representations, a negative situation in both industries.

The coaching industry has been hit hard because most developmental age coaches work without a stamp in more than one academy orsections. They do not receive any help and I know many people and colleagues who live in a miserable livelihood and mental state. I am one of the lucky ones because I happen to be in an organized PAE that has taken care of the financial part.

If I am allowed to do my own account in our industry then the phrase I would use would be: "You forgot the children" We are one of the few industries that we opened almost at all with decisions by people without empathy and ignorant of its pedagogical approach pandemic. There is no plan for children. There is no plan for the new day of children's sports. Those in charge do not know how sport promotes so much physical and mental health; Sport holds hope in the face of us all.

We are the only state with closed academies. If you do not respect us, respect the children. You are late. I hope it is not too late. We are in the mood to try again from the beginning. Do not leave us at the end again. Do not leave them at the end again.

Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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