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Are you the person who plays PlayStation with kids' skills?

The biggest mistake of coaches and parents, especially at the developmental level, is to give direction, instructions and commands to every player on the field at all times. It is unacceptable to deprive the child of the right of choice and error. It is unacceptable to put expediency above education. But let's start from the beginning…

Developmental age coach

When you accept a proposal and a position in the field of developmental football, you must also accept its unwritten laws. Every coach should know the specifics and needs of a child and have the appetite and passion to serve this magical process. The goal of the coach should be training both at the social level and in the skills of the sport. The coach for each child is the hero and his role model. The child is a sponge and will look you in the eyes forever, hanging from your lips, listening carefully and attentively to your every word, every action and your every lesson. Do not destroy the term "lesson". Do not disrupt the educational process. If you feel "out of your water" leave. Try to become an adult, men's or Premier League coach. Here in the magical space where children come, in their own "Bernabéu and Camp Nou" they want to have a good time and talk to their friends. Do not push them. No child may play in a professional team. You did not fail. Maybe from 20 children that you once trained to become some worthy fathers, responsible and conscious people, excellent professionals and to have all acquired their status independently, incredible values, strong supplies for the future and their psychology. That is your goal. Create strong characters and personalities. They need to learn to lose and win. Learn to respect the opposing player, coach and referee. They will be wronged, they will be stubborn, they will fall and they will rise. So let's get to our topic… The above preface was made to understand the purpose of the most important work in the world. Of your work. We all know coaches whose purpose is victory at any cost and price. We have all seen coaches broadcast and say exactly every move of every child. The profit? Achieving a goal or a victory. The cost? The achievement is yours and not of the child's. The decision was made by you and not by them. Football while it seems simple sport has incredible stimuli to manage. Do not deprive your player of the magic of choice. Train them to make their own decisions. Do not emphasize his wrong choice. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. When you see elements that you have entered in your training units take on flesh and blood then it means that you have succeeded. When you see little "Yiannakis" looking before receiving the ball, to cooperate where he did not know the importance of teamwork, to know how to lead and protect the ball, to be able to communicate with his teammates then you did it. You do not need to say much. They now speak alone in the stadium. They do not need you from outside. They do not need you because they know what to do. You did it. You taught them. You managed to transmit it to them. You deserve a lot of congratulations. Now. You need to educate your parents not to do the same thing you did.


Parents, as well as children when they come to a new place, should be educated on what to do, what is considered right and for what reason. Educate the children's parents.Before the training starts, organize a meeting with the parents and lay the foundations for perfect cooperation. Explain your coaching philosophy, the reasons why they should not speak from the outside with arguments and the long-term goals you have for their children. Explain that they should not talk from outside, not because you are the boss, but because at that moment you are interfering in the learning process. It is like going out of the child's classroom during a test to shout the possible solutions that you think...

With this remote-controlled educational approach, children will learn for having always been spoon-fed everything, eliminating all elements of creativity and crisis and creating adults without their own will, dependent on their parents' bonds.

Let the children take the initiative and do not deprive them of their freedom.

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Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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