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FootballMind – 1st Elite Youth Tournament

It's Time!! Thoughts become actions, they become flesh and bones. The idea was born, waiting in the cupboard of time to meet the right moment. The conditions have now become ideal and the engine is ready to start. The first children's football tournament (high level) in northern Greece is almost ready. Next summer there will be a celebration of children's football.

Who we are - Organizers.

Know-how – Experience

As most Football-Mind followers know, both myself (Spyros) and Stelios are long time members of the PAOK Academy, one of the best academies in Europe. Our participation in dozens of tournaments in every country and city of Europe as coaches of development ages, has given us the necessary ingredients to make our own recipe, with basic elements experiences, fun and competitiveness.

With the beggining of 2023, Giorgos Kokozoglou joined to our team. Born in Skydra and with mutch love to his native town and football, he could not ressist to our offer to join us on FootballMind - elite Youth Tournament Team.

A few words about Giorgos,
he is a graduate of TEFAA, with a specialty in football and has been involved in coaching for the last 8 years having been on the bench of several men's teams, while he also serves the field of developmental ages being a key member of the academies of PAE Almopou Aridaia.


Prefecture of Pella (Skydra) – 1 hour from Thessaloniki. Skydra is the area where I took (Spyros) my first steps in football as well as my first dreams for life. The Municipality of Skydra in recent years has made huge leaps in development and attempts to practically support the local community with actions and volunteering, as well as to strengthen the dreams of young people, giving them opportunities and incentives to create in their place.

Teams and Fields.

I mentioned before that the timing was perfect. Apart from the Municipality, another important success factor is the newly established teams of the region (NPS Skydras, Sevastiana 2018) which are made up of young children with appetite and passion for what they love and what unites us. The football. The pitches are perfect and everyone has pledged that next June they will be the same and even better in order to safely host the children who will compete on them. The distance between two pitches of tournament is less than 1 km, thus helping in better organization both for us the organizers and for the team managers.

Area - Tourism - Places to stay.

The wider area of Pella will enchant you with its historical identity, as well as with the incredible oases of coolness that you discover in every town of the prefecture.

Skydra - The city of the tournament.

Skydra is the city of sports. Olympians, football players have been born, as well as a team of jewels in the field of volleyball, Aristotelis Skydras, which adorns the courts of the first national division. The municipal stadium where the games will be held has hosted the most famous football teams as well as volleyball teams as the indoor gym of Aristotle is also located in the sports complex.

Edessa - The city of waterfalls.

Edessa is a city in Macedonia, seat of the municipality of Edessa and capital of the Regional Unit of Pella in the Region of Central Macedonia, and seat of the Holy Metropolis of Edessa, Pella and Almopia. The city is famous for its 12 waterfalls.[2] It is located on the ancient Egnatia Odos. It was founded in 813 BC. by the first Macedonian King, Heraklides Karanos and was the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom.[3] He got to know a rich industrial past during the interwar period. The population of the city of Edessa is 18,229, while that of the enlarged Municipality of Edessa amounts to 28,814 inhabitants (census 2011). Also, until the discovery of the Royal Tombs of Vergina in Imathia, by Manolis Andronikos, many still believe that the Ancient Aiges are located in the Archaeological site of the city, based on opinions.

Edessa's main entertainment spots are the modern pedestrian street built in 2008, where there is a variety of shops and points of interest, and scattered refreshments in the city's parks. In many parts of the city, events and evenings of musical ensembles are organized in the old town, where also the organization of concerts in various venues, the most famous of which is the Amphitheater of Gavaliotissa.

Agios Athanasios - The Christmas village.

Agios Athanasios belongs to the municipality of Edessa and according to the 2001 census it has 184 inhabitants. Agios Athanasios is rapidly developing in terms of tourism due to its proximity to the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan. It has many modern taverns and cafes as well as modern guesthouses. Until 1928 it was called Tsegani or Tsegani[2][3]. It is 30 km from Edessa and 120 km from Thessaloniki.

Aridaia - The city of baths.

The Pozar Baths, (derived from the Slavic "Požar" meaning fire, fire or heat) also known as the Baths of Loutraki, the Baths of Aridaia or simply Baths, are thermal baths located near the Loutraki prefecture of Pella, 13 km west of Aridaia . These are mineral springs, springing up at a temperature of 37°C, with a remarkable chemical composition. The warm water has a healing effect and is drinkable.[1] Visitors use it for spa therapy, stimulation and relaxation, while the waters help fight circulatory, respiratory, rheumatic, gynecological and dermatological diseases.

The spa town is 3 kilometers from Loutraki and is located in the valley of the stream of Agios Nikolaos. The oldest name of the stream was "Toplitsa", which means in Slavic, loosely translated: "Thermopotamos". A complex of about 15 caves has been discovered in the area, with abundant findings from prehistoric times, which are exhibited in the small museum of Loutra. The area has been declared a cave park (Almopia Cave Park) and is the first of its kind in Greece.


Let's face it! Realism is an element that should not be missed in any training session.

Nowadays, training tends to be repetitive without giving the necessary emphasis to detail. And to some basic football habits, every coach should emphasize not only the quality of the energy but also the way it is achieved.

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